Underground Mining Method Selection with the Application of TOPSIS Method

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Omer Faruk EFE


Multi-criteria decision-making methods are widely used to solve various problems in the industry, as well as to support the planning and designing industrial processes. Mining is a very complex and responsible activity, so when making a major decision, it is necessary to take into account several parameters and perform their detailed analysis. Due to the importance of proper decision making, multi-criteria optimization methods have a very wide application in mining. One of the most complex and important things in mining is the choice of mining method for underground exploitation, where the application of multi-criteria decision-making methods can help a lot in making the right decision. This paper will present the choice of the method of mining excavation by the TOPSIS method, according to which it was obtained that the Sublevel Caving is optimal for a given case.

Keywords: Multi-criteria decision-making methods; TOPSIS method; Underground mining method selection.

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MIJALKOVSKI, S., EFE, O. F., DESPODOV, Z., MIRAKOVSKI, D., & MIJALKOVSKA, D. (2022). Underground Mining Method Selection with the Application of TOPSIS Method. GeoScience Engineering, 68(2), 125–133. https://doi.org/10.35180/gse-2022-0075
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